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Joshua Block aka World of T-Shirts


More than "Just a TikToker."

Joshua Block, better known as “World of T-Shirts,” is a self-made global influencer and trendsetting genius. Beginning in high school, Josh became a viral internet sensation and has been responsible for several wildly popular online memes, including What Does Banned MeanI'm Gonna Sue Your A$$, Coffee & Boba, Paycheck to Paycheckand his satirical musical renditions of Empire State of Mind. Josh is grateful to have earned more than 2.5 million TikTok followers plus large fan bases across all major social platforms. He even enjoys his own subreddit, where a vibrant community of 32,000+ crazed super-fans spend their days and nights being entertained by the "Captain of NYC" and tracking his every move.

With his official website,, Josh is now proudly using AI technology to improve the quality and speed to market for his creative designs. He looks forward to seeing his fans rock his official merch using the hashtag #WorldofTShirtsAI. His growing commercial success has been recognized by USA Today, where Josh was recently named a Top 15 Entrepreneur of 2024.

For business inquiries, contact us at:

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